Dana Ferguson supports comprehensive Green infrastructure investment, the Carbon Fee and Dividend and the U.S. rejoining the Paris Accords. He believes state governments like Michigan should have the authority to hold corporate polluters accountable. Ferguson will fight for clean air and water by restoring EPA funding weakened by Trump and Dana's opponent. Ferguson is a proponent of efforts to be carbon neutral by 2030, opposes fracking waste in Northern Michigan and supports Indigenous Water Protectors and tribal-land sovereignty.  


CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate change is not an environmental issue, it is a social issue. It will impact every corner of the globe, every person, plant and animal. Combating Climate Change is the number one issue that we face today.  It determines our path into the future. We have rising energy costs, the spread of invasive species, more severe and frequent natural disasters, increased health costs, droughts, fires, drastic fluctuations in water levels, and the list goes on, all due to a human caused changing climate.

We can correct our actions and prepare for a future with these consequences without making them worse. Experts have long told us we need to prepare, mitigate, and adapt. It is time to invest in green energy and green jobs all across this country. Doing so will not hurt the economy, it will strengthen it. We can work with businesses and facilitate the transition of industry away from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy. We can create thousands of long-term, good paying union jobs rebuilding our infrastructure across this country. The US has lost its leadership role in shaping the world. It's time we get it back.

THE GREEN NEW DEAL: The Green New Deal is a blueprint for what we need to be focused on as we confront Climate Change. The next step is to work out the details. What we need right now are leaders in Congress who can help create a plan to make those goals happen across the US for the sake of the future of the planet.

ENERGY: If our goal is to become energy independent, we need to look at how we can achieve that goal, not only at the national level, but the local and regional levels. With advances in technology and efforts to normalize conservation, we can achieve these goals of energy independence. Our focus needs to be on sustainability and responsibility. Clean green energy is our path forward.


By quickly and efficiently addressing climate change and making it a top issue we set ourselves—our country, people and future—up for success in many areas. Before we can make headway we need to have our goals set, from local to global, and create a roadmap for how we get from where we are today to where we want to be tomorrow.  We need a plan in place to successfully achieve these goals.



  • Modernize infrastructure

    • Transportation

    • Telecommunications

    • Economic

    • Municipal

    • Educational

    • Research & Development

    • Healthcare

  • Electrical grid integration & modernization

    • Over the next 15 years we must modernize our electrical grid infrastructure to incorporate alternative clean energy

    • Symbiotic domestic, commercial and municipal energy transfer responsive to demand and fluctuations in supply

  • Regional energy independence

    • By utilizing regional resources and clean energy options we can achieve energy independence in a reliable, clean and responsible manner

    • Small, medium and large scale alternative energy integration from rooftop solar to wind farms and geothermal

  • 100% renewable energy

    • Complete transition away from fossil fuels as an energy source by 2030



  • Domestic Legislation

    • H. Res 109, Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal, or new legislation with goals similarly stated must be passed;

    • H.R. 763 Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019;

    • Science-based approaches integrated into legislation to achieve our most pressing goals and overcoming our biggest challenges

  • Recommit to the Paris Climate Agreement

    • The United States must become a leader among leaders when it comes to climate change and presenting solutions for developed and developing countries alike; 

    • A commission should be created to monitor the progress of the global goals ensuring participation, and allocating of resources to areas or countries most in need

    • Enable and encourage business, governmental and civic engagement as much as possible

  • Adequate investment, incentives and tax credits

    • Clean alternative energy innovation and implementation;

    • Domestic, commercial and municipal energy providers

  • Adequate pricing and cost evaluation of fossil fuel use

    • Externalities attributable to climate change factored into taxes for fossil fuel industries;

    • End tax credits, rebates and loopholes for fossil fuels;

    • No new drilling, fracking and other environmentally harmful approaches to extracting fossil fuels




By implementing legislation that focuses on the areas of green modernized infrastructure across the country, regional energy independence, proper pricing of fossil fuels and quickly and efficiently transitioning to renewable energy we will have a clear path to success before us. We will begin to save an immense amount of money in this transition over the long run. The short run costs can be acquired through monetary reform without raising taxes. We can create a strong, stable green economy with modern infrastructure. We can create a sustainable future for generations to follow if we are willing to work and make it happen. This is how we do it.