INFRASTRUCTURE: Rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure is critical. This is an investment in our future that will create thousands of long term, well-paid jobs. In rural communities, infrastructure improvements are especially vital. Reliable broadband and cell service as well as roads, bridges and railways create sustainable and stable rural communities.

A LIVABLE WAGE: Fighting for a livable wage is not a radical idea, it is a rational economic principle that is critical to a sustainable and stable economy. If done the right way, the fear that businesses will struggle will not come to pass. A living wage becomes possible when we as a society no longer subsidize corporations. With that goal in mind, we can see growth in small businesses and family farms amidst strong, flourishing local economies. With a livable wage in place, we will have a stronger, more stable economy than we have ever seen before. Other benefits include:

  • Small business growth

  • Sustainable practices

  • Decreased government spending

  • Fewer people on social programs

  • Lower tax rates for almost everyone

  • Social security viability

  • Increased disposable income

SMALL BUSINESSES: Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the strength of our communities. This is why small businesses that pay their employees a livable wage should be rewarded for their contributions to their communities. We need to encourage entrepreneurship and ensure that small businesses can compete in the global economy. This requires ending corporate welfare, and providing tax incentives and credits that typically go to larger corporations to these community-based businesses.

UNIONS: Unions have helped shape this country and, when they were at their greatest membership, created the strongest middle-class we have ever known. Unfortunately, there has been an attack on unions over the years which has decreased enrollment and led to the weakening of the American middle-class. The resurgence of the American middle-class will go hand in hand with the growth of unions.

LOCAL FARMING: Local farming will play an ever-increasing role in the economy of tomorrow, particularly in rural communities around the country. Sustainable, clean, locally grown food in grocery stores, schools and restaurants is the key to the future of our communities. Dana is behind efforts to support stable, organic agriculture, led by our local farmers, food coops and local food hubs.