PUBLIC EDUCATION:  We must ensure that our public schools are properly funded, that the educators and school staff who are responsible for guiding the youth and shaping the future have the tools they need to do their jobs, that the youth know they are important to us and the future, and that we do not give up on what made this country what it is. Public education is critical for our continued success. We have abandoned the teachers to the bureaucrats. Teachers must be given a seat at the table to have their voice heard, and I will always have a seat ready for them.

CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION: Career and Technical Educational training is a great path for those who don't want to get a four-year degree, know what they want to do and are ready to get trained and into the work force. We need to provide more opportunities and funding for youth and transition workers through CTE programs so they have the opportunity to better themselves in an area they are interested in without having to spend thousands at a college or university.

UNIONS/TRADES: Unions are a central element required to grow a strong middle-class in this country. The strongest middle-class we have ever had was at a time when union membership was at its highest. We need to encourage and support our brothers and sisters in unions around this country. Unfortunately, the rights of workers to bargain have been hit over the years, but I will fight for unions and their members every day while I am in Congress.