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CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate change is not an environmental issue, it is a social issue. It will impact every corner of the globe and every person, plant and animal. Combating climate change is the number one issue that we face today.  It determines our path into the future. We have rising energy costs, the spread of invasive species, more severe and frequent natural disasters, increased health costs, droughts, fires, high water levels, and the list goes on, all from climate change. We cannot stop it, but we can correct our actions and prepare for a future with these consequences without making them worse. It is time to invest in green energy and green jobs all across this country. Doing so will not hurt the economy, it will strengthen it. We can work with businesses and facilitate the transition of industry away from fossil fuels to that of clean and renewable energy. We can create thousands of long-term, good paying union jobs rebuilding our infrastructure across this country. The US has lost its leader role in shaping the world. It's time we get it back

THE GREEN NEW DEAL: The Green New Deal is a blueprint for what we need to be focused on as we confront climate change. The next step is to work out the details. What we need right now are leaders in Congress who can help create a plan to make those goals happen across the US for the sake of the future of the planet.

ENERGY: If our goal is to become energy independent, we need to be looking at how we can achieve that goal, not only at the national level, but the local and regional levels. With advances in technology and efforts to normalize conservation, we can achieve these goals of energy independence. Our focus needs to be on sustainability and responsibility. Clean green energy is our path forward.


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