HEALTH CARE: The health of our citizens is as important as our education and our national defense. This is why Dana supports a single-payer health care system. Nothing is free, and this includes having millions of uninsured and under-insured individuals across this country. Health care costs are paid for, whether it be from the individual receiving treatment or someone else.


We can ensure that all Americans can get the health care they deserve, and we can do it by spending less than we do right now. Health-related costs are determined not just by the cost of the service, but also by factoring in that some people receiving treatment will not or cannot pay for those services. We are not paying the market price for health care; we are paying a bloated price that accounts for unnecessary risk and uncertainty, excessive corporate profits of insurance companies, and reactionary health care instead of preventative.

The health care crisis we face today is a threat to small businesses, our economy, family security and to the stability of our society. Families and individuals being financially ruined or having to file for bankruptcy because of unforeseen and unwanted medical emergencies should not happen here in the US. ​This isn't going to be an overnight fix, but we can begin to make these changes so we protect all American citizens.

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: The costs of prescription drugs are out of control. Pharmaceutical companies have unchecked power over these products and over the lives of so many across the country. HR 3 would have helped address this problem. We need to evaluate the power that corporate pharma has over the health of our country. There is a way forward so the smart and dedicated scientists can be rewarded for their hard work, risks can be compensated, and the health of our population can be improved.

MENTAL HEALTH: The stigma behind mental health has to be removed. Students and our youth are struggling, veterans are being left behind, and our population is left in the dark when it comes to mental health. It is time to lift the taboo, acknowledge what we are feeling and living through, and begin saving lives. Schools, rural communities and veteran organizations need to have proper funding and trained mental health professionals to help those who are struggling. 

RURAL HEALTH CARE: Critical access health care facilities are often the last thread community or county residents cling to. This is especially clear in many counties across the First District. The doctors, nurses and medical staff are so important to these communities. These facilities have to be properly funded and have access to the updated technology so they can provide their community with the services they need. Growth in rural areas will not happen unless these critical health care facilities stay open and functioning.

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