Ferguson's ex clarifies incident from 2011

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Dana Ferguson and his ex-wife, Rebecca Kraemer, release joint statement in response to personal smear campaign.

NEGAUNEE, Mich. – Recently a right-wing blog post uncovered a nine year old police report about an incident between Dana Ferguson and his ex-wife that resulted in the arrest of Ferguson on charges that were later dropped.

The campaign released a statement from both Dana Ferguson's ex-wife, Rebecca Kraemer, and the candidate.

"Never could I imagine one of the worst day of our lives nine years ago would be made so public," said Dana's ex-wife, Rebecca Kraemer. "The escalated drama from that evening has been blown out of proportion."

"Dana is a person of outstanding character and during this time–as stated in the police report–we were both going through a vulnerable time in our marriage," said Kraemer. "It was a mistake for me to have involved the police. We all make mistakes and choices we regret and if I could go back in time I would have done everything differently."

The campaign reiterated that the 'charges' in this case were dropped. Despite the attempts of Rebecca to contact the media and provide contribution, it's extremely disappointing journalists did not bother to publish her perspective. It's the most important one.

The charges were dropped.

"Reflecting on this day, I’m so disheartened this has been made public," said Kraemer. "We’ve both grown from our past. We maintain a great friendship and raise an amazing child together. He is a great father, and I fully support Dana’s candidacy for Congress."

Dana Ferguson added, "This was an extremely unfortunate dramatic escalated evening between two people struggling with the hardships of young parenthood, depression and financial difficulties. Sadly this is something I think so many working-families can relate to. Domestic abuse is very serious. Both my ex and I agree, that’s not what this was. There were no charges. Everything was dropped."

To this day, Rebecca is one of the most important people in my life, and I’m intent on protecting her from public scrutiny. I am an imperfect person, and never claimed to not be. We have grown, we are great friends, and I respect her dearly."

Recent internal polling has the Democratic candidate making momentum in the Congressional race, which likely lead to the political smear. The campaign says they will not participate in negative campaigning and will move forward focusing on issues that matter the most to the First District.

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