Ferguson endorsed by Women's March TC

"Women's rights are human rights. We all have a duty and responsibility to be an ally to the movement. Such worthy causes transcend identity politics."

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. Just before the Democratic Primary on Tues. Aug. 4, Dana Ferguson receives another endorsement highlighting his commitment to Women's Rights and important issues facing a large constituency in the First District. The organizers of Women's March Traverse City announced their support of Ferguson Saturday.

"Women's March TC is proud to endorse Dana Ferguson, candidate for the 1st District in Michigan," said Monica Evans, a co-organizer of the annual event. "We believe that Dana is the candidate who best represents the people of northern Michigan."

Part of Ferguson's robust policy includes specific positions on women's rights prompting individual organizers and TC participants to endorse the candidate earlier this year.

"I'm very grateful," said Ferguson. "I've been surrounded by strong women my entire life with four driven and successful sisters, a caring and compassionate mother and an amazing and talented wife. I'll continue to fight for the equality of all people. I'm honored and humbled the Traverse City chapter entrusts me to take their mission to the national Congressional stage."

"A third generation resident raised in our great state, Dana is committed to women's rights, economic and union rights, and social justice," said Evans. "Dana is ready to beat Jack Bergman, and will be there, waiting to listen, and learn from his constituents."

The Women's March TC is a chapter of the national organization Women's March, which is committed to harnessing the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change.

Women’s March is a women-led movement providing intersectional education on a diverse range of issues and creating entry points for new grassroots activists & organizers to engage in their local communities through trainings, outreach programs and events.

"To some, it may seem antithetical to endorse me with a strong female candidate also commendably vying for the position," said Ferguson. "But, this endorsement gives credence to the idea that women's rights are human rights, and we all have a duty and responsibility to be an ally to the movement. Such worthy causes transcend identity politics."

Ferguson participated and spoke at the Women's March TC in January of 2020.

"Let's turn our 1st District blue again! said the organization. "Dana can do that. #TakeItHome"