Arctic records its highest temperature ever | 100°F

VERKHOYANSK, Sib. -- 2020 will be known for a number of harrowing events, but the single most ominous thing is no longer on the front page: It's virtually certain it will be the hottest year ever recorded. In what scientists are calling “a one in 100,000 year event,” the Arctic hit over 100 degrees this weekend. [Read the full article in National Geographic.]

"...Climate change is 'loading the dice' toward extreme temperatures like the one recorded this week," Nat Geo reports. "The Arctic is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the planet: Baseline warmth in the high Arctic has increased by between 3.6 to 5.4°F(2 to 3°C) over the past hundred or so years. About 0.75°C of that has occurred inthe last decade alone. (Find out more about climate change and how humans are causing it.)"

Climate Change is here. We are at a tipping point.

We can’t keep turning a blind eye to the rapid destruction of our planet. The generation inheriting it is already frustrated, so often let down by leaders. It's time for bold leadership. It's time to act.

Democrats last week unveiled the 'Moving Forward Act', a $1.5 trillion program to tackle the existential threat of Climate Change, and a long overdue revitalization of our infrastructure. It would not only invest in our roads, bridges and transit systems, but includes schools, housing, and even broadband expansion, i.e. Green Jobs!

Our communities deserve this investment. I believe in the potential of Northern Michigan. We can save our planet and rebuild our country, creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Climate Change is the greatest existential crisis of our time, but our environmental initiatives don't end there. Dana Ferguson for US Congress is committed to creating a sustainable future and protecting the Great Lakes. #TakeItHome and vote Tues. Aug. 4 in the Democratic Primary.

Our children and grandchildren's livelihoods depend on our resolve to seize this moment. We have been bound by the clutches of inaction and complacency on Climate Change for too long.

Together, we can build and secure a new freedom.

If you believe in building a better future for our families, take a moment today to support my campaign for Congress.