Bergman's vote against the 'No Ban Act' perpetuates xenophobia

"Our future should not be one of hatred and fear, but understanding and acceptance." - DF

WASHINGTON, DC. — Democrats voted to pass the 'No Ban Act' Wednesday, a bill that would vacate Trump’s existing travel bans from predominately Muslim countries, as well as put in place measures to prevent future such bans. The measure passed on party lines, with 234 yeas, 184 nays. Northern Michigan Representative Jack Bergman voted to retain the travel ban.

"The travel ban—which Rep. Jack Bergman voted to retain—is xenophobic, rash and wrong," said Dana Ferguson, Democratic candidate for US Congress in Michigan's First District. "It's a bad policy that terrorizes and tyrannizes Michigan communities by striking fear in nearly a quarter of a million Arab Americans in this state."

Under the first version of Trump’s travel ban citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries, including those who held US green cards and dual US citizenship, were held for questioning for hours at airports across the country and were denied entry to the US. The “Muslim ban" was Trump’s call on the campaign trail for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the US and duly sparked widespread protests throughout the country.

"[The ban] split up families, turned away educators and denied entry to thousands of students," said Ferguson. "I'm grateful for the passage of the 'No Ban Act.' I'm encouraged that Joe Biden will repeal the ban when sworn in. But, Michigan's First District deserves a Representative who upholds American constitutional values like religious liberty. I'm disappointed, but again not surprised by Rep. Bergman's defense of the travel ban."

"Our future should not be one of hatred and fear, but of understanding and acceptance." - DF

By yet another contrast with the current Representative from MI01, Ferguson says he would have proudly stood with Michigan's Democratic coalition in reversing Trump's Executive Order of "intolerance, hatred and exclusion, because those are not American values."