Bergman votes no on background checks, Ferguson makes Sandy Hook Promise on Awareness Day

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day. It comes at a moment in our history that calls for serious reflection. Our nation is in mourning, and no one is immune to violence, including our children.

For decades now students are at an alarming risk of gun violence at schools, and it's entirely preventable.

We honor the countless lives lost by not just bringing awareness, but by taking swift action to prevent any more needless death.

There are policies and programs we can pass today that would help prevent gun violence while encouraging gun safety and responsible gun ownership:

  • Background checks for all gun sales - 94% of voters support

  • Red Flag laws - 86% of voters support

  • Prohibiting domestic abusers from purchasing or possessing firearms - 91% of voters support

As a legislator, I also proudly stand with the parents of Sandy Hook and have taken the Sandy Hook Promise, advocating for bipartisan protection of children by encouraging and supporting solutions that create safer, healthier homes, schools and communities.

Policies have been sitting on legislators desks for years, with little to no movement. Jack Bergman, my Republican opponent, voted against HR8 — a common-sense bill requiring background checks — in 2019. We can protect the lives of our family and neighbors while still protecting our 2nd Amendment rights.

As a community, both here in the 1st District and nationally, we must be bold to stand up for those whose voices were taken from us too soon. We dishonor their memory and future generations by letting complacency become the norm.

No more.

I hope you are all staying safe in these trying times and will #WearOrange today to honor the lives lost to senseless gun violence.