Dana Ferguson: My father is a patriot not a "sucker"

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Dana Ferguson, Congressional candidate for Michigan's First District responds to a story by the Atlantic which claimed Trump called American heroes and patriots "suckers and losers."

NEGAUNEE, Mich. – Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffen confirmed with a Pentagon official Friday the veracity of an article in The Atlantic claiming President Trump called dead soldiers "losers," and anyone who enlisted and served in the Vietnam War a “sucker.”

Dana Ferguson’s father, Harold “Dusty” Ferguson, served 18 months in Vietnam. The article mentions Trump also said military service wasn’t worth the pay. During his tour, Dusty was paid $180 a month including $65 of combat pay. Ferguson says his father signed up to serve and risk his life for his country not because he was a sucker, but because he was a patriot.

“It's sad and despicable anyone would make statements like the ones Trump made about Veterans who have served this country and protected other countries with honor and dignity,” said Ferguson. “Hearing it come from the President of the United States is especially appalling and troublesome.”

Ferguson says our men and women in the military, past and present, should always be shown the respect and honor they deserve.

“For the Commander-in-Chief to make statements like the ones we've heard is an insult to all those who have served or are currently serving in the military,” said Ferguson. “There is no one that should remain silent on this, least of all our current Congressman Jack Bergman, a retired United States Marine Corps Lieutenant General.”

Candidate Ferguson is working with a team of Veterans on developing a robust policy on Veterans issues available at takeithomemi.com before Sept. 21.

Harold 'Dusty' Ferguson' - Vietnam 1960s