Ferguson announces plan for constituent services

Have you ever had difficulty getting ahold of the First District Congressional office? Unreturned phone calls? Autobot generated replies? We have a plan to fix that. In fact, we're already picking up the slack. We have staffed our entire team from in-district, and when elected, we'll continue to hire locally. This is your government. You are power, and it's time you have a Congressional office that understands you, your community, and your issues.

NEGAUNEE, Mich. – Dana Ferguson, a Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District, announced his plan for ‘Constituent Services’ located within the 1st District, not in Washington, D.C.

“Constituent engagement is vital to ensuring people have the resources to get assistance in a variety of areas, whether contacting government agencies and services, replacing, fixing and improving government lands, expediting formal requests, and more,” said Ferguson.

“Constituent services should also be located in the district, where staff members have the ability to travel to see the issues first-hand, as well as have a solid knowledge of the area.”

Dana Ferguson’s campaign team is entirely from the 1st Congressional District with staff from the Northern Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. Ferguson made a campaign pledge to hire staff locally, and says he is committed to extending this promise for Constituent Services staff.

“It’s important that we hire people from the district, something I’m proud we can do, distinct to this campaign,” said Ferguson. “We understand the necessity to hire advisory firms and financial firms from outside the district, but I’ve found local residents better understand the struggles and unique challenges of 1st District residents. For those working with residents every day, it’s important they know the people. This is also a promise I will keep as your next member of Congress."

Team Ferguson says because of inevitable disconnect between residents and their government during the COVID-19 pandemic, staff has already become accustomed to processing ‘Constituent Service’ requests, directing people to proper government agencies and offices.

Ferguson’s campaign staff has also been proactive on social media, e-mail, and other digital channels to help connect people to local, state, and federal elected officials.

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Dana Ferguson is a Democrat from Negaunee vying for nomination in the Democratic Primary on Aug. 4 to run against incumbent Republican Rep. Jack Bergman in the Nov. 3 General Election.