Ferguson campaign feeling momentum after touring over 15 counties in eight days

With 29 days until Tues. Nov. 3 and the Congressional and US Presidential election, Dana Ferguson finishes an eight-day tour across the district. He has now visited each county three times, some four times, with no plans to slow down.

Ferguson talks to a socially distanced crowd in Benzonia, Benzie County, MI. (Photo Courtesy of Michael Hertz)

NEGAUNEE, Mich. — Dana Ferguson, Democratic candidate for US Congress in Michigan’s First District, completed eight straight days of campaigning in Northern Michigan. Yesterday, a few dozen residents came out to listen to Ferguson at Chamberlin's Ole Forest Inn in Curtis, an event organized by Indivisible.

Ferguson's first leg of the campaign's eight-day tour began in the northern lower peninsula with stops in Alpena, Traverse City, Cheboygan, Benzonia and more. After touching base at headquarters in Marquette, he spent three days on the road in the Upper Peninsula in Sault St. Marie, Gladstone, Grand Marais and Curtis. In total, since last Sunday he's visited with residents in over 15 of the District's 32 counties.

"This district is huge and diverse. In order for a Representative to adequately understand the distinct issues facing its constituency, I have to put in the time to show up and engage with voters," said Ferguson. "Without making appearances in those communities, the problems they've been experiencing prolong because they don't have leaders' ears. It's an opportunity to lay out my vision for the District, but most importantly my team and I are listening and answering questions."

Ferguson is vying for a seat in the US House of Representatives gaining momentum on incumbent Rep. Jack Bergman (R, Acme). Ferguson is a third generation Yooper raised in Negaunee, Michigan with a working class, blue-collar background as a union carpenter. He has a bachelor's degree in Economics and a master's in Public Administration from Northern Michigan University.

"There’s never been an election like 2020. People are motivated more than ever to participate in democracy," said Ferguson. "We're witnessing more conservative voters openly supporting my candidacy and young progressives resonating with our message, because it is so inclusive."

Ferguson believes if a candidate puts forth the energy and fortitude to emerge with residents, converse with them, and be responsive to issues the division often seen in politics can be diffused. He says his approach with events is to assure citizens that they will have a voice in Washington.

"For too long, residents felt ignored and unheard," said Ferguson. "I want to be the type of representative within arm's reach of my constituency. No one will outwork us to earn votes, but the real work starts after Nov. 3. We have a plan for constituent services, town halls and an unprecedented digital engagement plan that will keep citizens informed of solutions coming their way."

The Ferguson campaign says since the primary election his Facebook page is the highest engaged Congressional candidate page in Michigan—including incumbents—with hopes it will translate to a better voter margin than past Democratic candidates.

"We know we have a lot of work to do," said Ferguson. "We're optimistic and confident but taking nothing for granted."

With less than a month until Tues. Nov. 3 and the Congressional and US Presidential election, Dana Ferguson finished the eight-day tour across the district at his home in Negaunee. He has now visited each county three times–some four times–with no plans to slow down.

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