Ferguson pitches drastic shift in climate policy for Northern Michigan

Flooding devastation, shoreline erosion, wildfires, more frequent and harsher storms, and an influx of invasive species. For the Great Lakes region, Climate Change is a local issue. Your current Congressman has a 10% environmental approval rating. It won't be too hard to do better, but Dana still has a bold vision.

NEGAUNEE, Mich. -- Climate Change is not just a global issue. It's a local one. With rising lake levels, flooding, shoreline erosion and increased spread of invasive species.

Before he was for it, Trump tried defund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. It's the only environmental thing Jack Bergman supported and he's on the Climate Solutions Caucus.

His 10% rating with the League of Conservation Voters can't get much worse. These are not the hands we want guiding our future, protecting our natural resources and addressing climate change. We can and must do so much better.

We need 100% renewable energy by 2030, which will create thousands of good paying union jobs in Northern Michigan, rejoin the Paris Accords, fight pipelines through waterways and stand with our Indigenous Water Protectors in planning for our future.

Climate Change is the greatest existential crisis of our time and we need to leave the planet in good hands for our children and future generations. I know we can do it. Here's how:


Join us. Let's take it home.