Ferguson responds to Bergman's criticism of stimulus: 'out-of-touch'

Today Representative Jack Bergman called the next stimulus package a "socialist… feckless political stunt." There’s nothing feckless about supporting Michiganders in a time of need. Stimulus is about boosting the economy from the bottom up, not handouts, and it works.

I'm disappointed Bergman chose out-of-touch, divisive ad-hominen rhetoric to describe a relief effort. Beyond cutting taxes, Republicans have yet to offer an alternative.

In that package is moderate student loan forgiveness, aid to tribes, survival assurance to the US Postal Service, mortgage relief, rental assistance, continued successful stimulus payments to suffering families, and aid to essential workers—who, in my book, are heroes.

There’s also a very admirable proposal for a nationwide #VoteByMail initiative, something 70% of Americans support, and GOP leaders have historically opposed, fearing high voter turnout in elections.

While we may not agree completely on everything in these bills, constituents of the 1st District deserve a representative who believes in the ability of leaders to help working families and assist Main Street businesses, not tax cuts for the wealthy or bailouts to corporations and Wall Street.

It's a time for leadership, not grandstanding out-of-touch contrarians.