Ferguson's econ plan: "Our district is ready for a #FutureEconomy"

Every election season, you hear a politician promise to bring jobs to the district. Very few have an actual plan. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Economics at NMU and have a master's in Public Administration. Here's my plan.

We cannot only revive old markets where they no longer are viable. Those are futile and empty promises. We need to sustain our working models, progress and move forward by tapping into what-we-call a #FutureEconomy, one already upon us, eager to meet the demand of our distinct workforce.

What is a 'blue green alliance'?

When we unite our labor unions and environmental organizations to solve Northern Michigan's environmental challenges, we can create and maintain quality jobs by building a stronger, fairer economy.

I'm most interested in how we can tackle Climate Change by bringing economic stability to working families with union protections. I will fight to bring green energy to the district, not just benefiting from it, but engineering, building, manufacturing, and assembling it.

Beyond Green Jobs

Small businesses employ over 80% of the American workforce.

We are all witness to corporate welfare and billionaire bailouts, but when small local businesses need help, the federal government can do better.

We must improve efforts to support small businesses by providing resources, marketing assistance, and easy capital to entrepreneurs.


I intend to propose plans for digital broadband in rural communities, and promote connectivity and infrastructure projects, not just in the First District but for our friends and families across the nation. In our communities, we can work with the state to encourage tech start-ups — big and small — and let them know their next headquarters needs to be here.

Larger scale, it means we need to emphasize the trades and STEM programs early in primary education. It means we need to ensure students are able to join the job market without insurmountable student loan payments. It means we need bold action to spark initiatives to combat the global existential threat of Climate Change.

None of these issues exist in a vacuum, and a new direction in Washington can set the course to join a 21st century economy — something green, progressive, and that benefits hard working men and women of the First District.

To get it done, we need your support on this campaign.

Can I count on your contribution?

Join us in setting a new, better normal for Northern Michigan.

Help us take it home.