'Jack Bergman's voting record is abysmal' –DF

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

First District Democratic Congressional Nominee Dana Ferguson is contrasting his vision with the incumbent's track record, calling his opponent's failing grades "ineffective and abysmal."

NEGAUNEE, Mich – Rep. Jack Bergman’s voting record speaks for itself. According to FiveThirtyEight, a website that tracks votes in Washington, 96.6 percent of the time Bergman votes in line with Trump’s position. When you break it down by the issues, some of the country’s leading watchdog and advocacy groups give him a resounding F for his time in congress:

You can take a look at his entire voting record here.

Democratic candidate Dana Ferguson doesn’t approve of this legislative scorecard.

“It’s discouraging to see this brand of inaction from our current representative on issues that matter to the voters,” said Ferguson. “From Human Rights to Education, citizens in the first district want to see action that will create positive change for Americans everywhere.”

As the coronavirus pandemic continues on, we find ourselves in a moment where our country needs help. When the HEROES Act — the coronavirus response package — went up for a vote, Jack voted no, calling it feckless socialism. Throughout the pandemic the only resolution he co-sponsored was a three paragraph bill allowing citizens to arm-up in any city that "defunds" police (H.Res. 1013) and mental health services for Veterans.

“People across this country are hurting. We are still fighting this pandemic, and that means some people can’t go to work. Providing assistance to those who are affected is paramount in helping keep our economy afloat,” said Ferguson.

During Jack Bergman's first term in office, 90% of Congresspeople introduced more bills than he did. He introduced a total of 10 during this time, none were enacted into law. Eighty percent co-sponsored more bills than he did. Bergman votes in the minority nearly every time, calling into question his ability to work with others across the aisle. His second term wasn't very laudable either. When he votes no, bills pass. When he votes yes, he cannot garner support for passible bills, calling into question his legislative effectiveness.

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When the Postmaster General stripped funding to the United States Postal Service, Jack voted no on a bill that safeguards USPS’s ability to make essential deliveries of prescription drugs to seniors and veterans without delay.

Jack does show up to vote, but he rarely takes a stand on the decision he makes. One of his most publicized votes was his support of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which provides funding for environmental protection. When it comes to other necessary legislation aimed to help fight environmental issues, Jack votes no. He opposed a bill that required the EPA to regulate the use of certain chemicals and another that would have blocked Trump from withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement.

“Combating climate change is the number one issue we face today,” says Ferguson. “The United States must be a leader in this fight and help create solutions for this problem that is being felt around the world. Our representatives in Congress need to step up to the plate and approach these issues head-on.”

Like so many people in Washington D.C., Jack votes the way President Trump tells him. His stances rigidly align with the party, claiming to vote for small government instead of focusing on efficient government.

"[Jack's voting record] is abysmal and ineffective," said Ferguson. "Our contrasts are clear. It won't be too difficult to do better, but we will, because First District residents deserve it. They deserve a representative that will listen, understand and work for them."

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