'Jack, debate me.' –Dana Ferguson

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Dana Ferguson writes an open letter to the Jack Bergman campaign, requesting a televised forum.

Dear Representative Jack Bergman,

The election is less than three weeks away. During the campaign season, six separate non-partisan organizations attempted to host ­­forums with the First District Congressional candidates with no success. I made myself available for each, and yet on six separate occasions, there was no response or confirmation from my opponents.

Each debate allowed us the flexibility of a virtual setting.

One televised forum is still available to us, but the station has not yet heard a response from you.

Voters have not been given an opportunity to hear directly from each of us in the same setting to compare our plans for Northern Michigan and the UP. It's vital we make our case to the voters on pressing issues.

Our visions on the economy, healthcare, climate change, and COVID-19 differ. An informed electorate is an empowered electorate. Constituents deserve a live, side-by-side contrast and comparison of our visions. Especially at a time of crisis, voters are asking candidates to cut through the detachment of partisanship and share a platform to share our visions with the public.

I am requesting we hold one televised debate as immediately as possible. I request a written response by Mon. Oct. 19 accepting this invitation.

I would hope you understand the importance of a public exchange of ideas and are willing to show your commitment to the First District with your participation in a staple of the democratic process.


Dana Ferguson

UPDATE: 11:54 AM – Wednesday, October 21, 2020 (CDT) I share residents' disappointment that there will be no Congressional debate. I confirmed participation with six non-partisan forum hosts. In total, these organizations offered candidates 18 possible dates. My opponent could not find availability for any.

Whether facing tough questions in a debate or at a town hall, I will show up. –DF