Living in a Trying Time

We are in a tenuous, trying, and uncertain time right now. The precautionary and preventative measures being taken in Michigan and across the country in response to the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, are disruptive to our everyday life financially and socially, but these measures are being implemented to mitigate the spread of the virus. The slowing of the spread of this virus is important because of the lack of a vaccine to combat it, the threat it poses to those most vulnerable, and the instability it is causing and can cause to the economy.

Throughout this turmoil, while the focus is on the stock market, oil prices and how the government is handling the situation, there are millions of working people across this country that are nervously living paycheck to paycheck. Most of them cannot afford to miss work with very few options for them when their hours are cut or they are temporarily laid off. These are the people least able to adapt to disruptions. They cannot go without a paycheck. They are the ones who put nearly every cent of their hard-earned money into the economy. They are the ones that keep the country moving. They are the backbone and strength of our country. Our elected leaders should be recognizing how vulnerable they are in situations like this and how critical these individuals are to our overall economic stability. Not enough is being done to protect them and their family in times like this.

Bailing out large industry gets the attention and support in these times because of their size and importance and the worries of fluctuations in the global markets. The small businesses, the waiters and waitresses, the health care workers, the housekeeping staff, the local farmers, and so many more are the ones that are often forgotten, ignored, and left to deal with the economic blow without a second thought. We need to do more to protect these integral parts of the community and economy.

We need members of Congress who understand the importance of these groups, who will always work to protect them and fight for them.

It is at times like this that we need leaders who can steady the ship and communicate with their constituents. I am fighting every day for the people of the first district and for the future of this country. Due to the corornavirus and the danger it poses to so many people across the country and district I have decided to alter our campaigning approach. While we want to continue to traver

se the district, the importance of protecting the constituents comes first, which is why we are implementing a virtual aspect to the campaign. By doing this we can still reach every corner of the district, at least the ones with adequate service, without endangering anyone or furthering the spread of the virus. We will be holding “virtual coffee hours” and Q & As multiple times each week while we wait for the threat to dissipate. Once the restrictions have been lifted and we feel it is safe for constituents to be out in larger groups again we will be out there in full force circling the district once again. Until then, I hope you will participate in and spread the word about our virtual events!