Progressives aren't unrealistic idealists, we're pragmatic futurists

NEGAUNEE, Mich. — Let's talk about what it means to be a progressive. A progressive isn't someone that wants the government to take over everything. It's not someone who wants everything for free. We don't want your freedoms to be taken away or even infringed upon. Being a progressive means you believe in a better future.

We believe that the times change with the people, norms evolve, definitions change, and ideals lead ideas and not the other way around.

Progressives don't want everyone to think the same. We don't want to stifle individual thought or principles. We believe in a freer, more equitable America then the preceding generations were able to create. We believe that there is work to do, and we want to do it. We believe that we can improve and be better then the results of the past.

It is our duty and our responsibility to try to create a better world not just for ourselves, but for our neighbors for our friends, for people we don't know, for groups with whom we don't associate, and for those who are not as fortunate as we are, both in this country and around the world.

For the future, we believe that we can rebuild and modernize our infrastructure across the country, improve our education, provide healthcare for our citizens, create a better economy for everyone and work to ensure people are not left behind or forgotten.

There are going to be people that ask how it's possible to achieve all of these things. I will be getting into each of them over the coming weeks. With my monetary reform policy I will show how we can achieve these goals and so much more without raising taxes or going into further debt. This will not harm the middle class, it will benefit. It will grow it.

I'm ready to join forces with experienced and fresh minds in Congress to turn this Blue Wave into a new American banner of optimism we can all fly across both sides of the aisle.

I spent much of my life around contractors and on construction sites. I know that sometimes you have to get in there, get your hands dirty and get the work done. No one is going to work harder than us campaigning and no one will work harder than us on the Hill.

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