Ret. Navy Captain chooses Ferguson over Bergman on Vet policy

Ret. Navy Captain Rick Burn shares his insight on Dana Ferguson's Veterans' Policy.

HOLLAND, Mich. – My name is Rick Burn and I am a retired United States Navy Captain in living in Michigan. I support Dana Ferguson for Congress because Dana understand the needs of our Veterans, whether from Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Dana is running against a LT General who is so aloof that he does not understand the needs of normal veterans.

For our current serving personnel getting off Active Duty, Dana understands the needs for jobs back home. Statistics says that 25% of all Veterans receive DIC (Disability and Injury Compensation). Our Veterans under DIC need care from the Veterans Admiration and the current incumbent has had no interest in expanding those services. Dana has a plan that I am proud of.


American History shows that America has relied on the National Guard and the Military Reserves for most actions except for the military call ups in World War II and Vietnam. Dana wants to support our important Urban Warfare Training Center at Camp Grayling and also expand the Air Force and Air National Guard Alpena Combat Readiness Center in Alpena, which is one of 4 facilities like the other 3 in Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Georgia.

Dana understands the importance of Federal Support of the Michigan National Guard units like 107th Engineer Battalion headquartered in Ishpeming, but with branches throughout the Upper Peninsula. In addition, Dana supports the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps units in Green Bay, WI which have many Upper Peninsula members.

Most important, Dana does not worship Draft Dodgers, people who are cowards and would not serve their country in time of need. A person who would not support their country when everyone else is supporting is called a traitor.

Veterans who served in the Vietnam Era understood the draft. Jack Bergman understood the military draft, yet he admires a draft dodger.

Trump said per the Washington Post on September 6, 2020, “And now, Trump and his aides are fiercely denying a report in the Atlantic in which the president is quoted denigrating U.S. soldiers, including calling those killed in combat “losers.”

As a US Navy Veteran, I am not a loser as per Donald Trump. Since Bergman supports everything Trump says 96.8% of the time, I interpret that Bergman thinks I am a loser.

Bergman admires Trump and considers everything Trump says is correct including Trump’s dislike of Veterans.

Dana Ferguson will fight for our Veterans in Michigan. Dana will show pride.

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The use of his military rank, job titles does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.