Statement on George Floyd Murder

The unrest in Minneapolis as a result of the murder of George Floyd is heart-wrenching, and it's emblematic of the unrest and pain in the hearts of Black America every day. Too often People of Color are solely relying on cell phone footage and public outrage to find justice.

No one is above the law. This is an accountability issue. This is a human rights issue.

For the lives of People of Color, for the sake of preserving the dignity of law enforcement, for humanity and to find true justice for all, we must fight for systemic criminal justice reforms⁠.

We need to prevent and deter unqualified morally deficit murderers from putting on such a respectable and powerful uniform. We are making strides in Northern Michigan, recruiting honorable officers to pursue an admirable profession, rewarding the unsung heroes and encouraging real peace officers.

In Minneapolis, like far too many Black men, George Floyd didn't encounter peace the day he died. Now, his family may never have it. George Floyd had a family. He was human. George Floyd's life mattered.