Vet, independent mayor, 2016 Bergman voter endorses Ferguson "Fool me once"

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Munising Mayor Rod DesJardins has been in public service for over two decades. Frustrated with Jack Bergman, DesJardins endorses Dana Ferguson in the Tues. Aug. 4 Democratic Primary, "We need someone who will stand up for working families."

MUNISING, Mich. ⁠— Rod DesJardins has been on Munising City Commission for almost 25 years, serving most of those years as mayor. He has been an effective, respected, politically independent community leader in Rep. Jack Bergman's district for more than two decades. In 2016, he voted for Jack Bergman, attracted to his military leadership.

"As a fellow veteran, I voted for Jack Bergman when he first ran for office," said DesJardins. "I thought a Marine Corps General would provide some badly needed leadership in Washington. Fool me once."

In 2016, during Bergman's first campaign for Congress, DesJardins extended an invitation to candidate Bergman to address his constituents. In a situation we've heard play for way too many concerned citizens, Bergman never responded other than to incorrectly identify DesJardins as a "fellow conservative" and "supporter," which placed him on a non-stop fundraising e-mail list.

Beyond that, most of DesJardins’s disagreement during Bergman's terms has been policy related and the Congressman's blind allegiance to President Donald Trump.

"Instead of a leader, we got a follower," said DesJardins. "Jack Bergman has kowtowed to Donald Trump along with the rest of his Republican sycophants in Washington. They are leading this country to ruin."

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Dana Ferguson, the Democratic Congressional nominee for the election on Tues. Nov. 3, proudly accepted DesJardins’ 2020 endorsement.

"Independent voters make up a huge part of our district," said Ferguson. "They're swing voters, disinterested in party politics and interested in people and policy. I'm a proud Democrat, but I'm equally interested in solutions and input from across the political spectrum. I'm honored to have Rod's confidence in that pursuit."

Ferguson says he won't miss an opportunity to visit his constituents when elected and hopes to implement a much better mechanism of communication between his future congressional office and in-district liaisons. To be more responsive to constituent requests and concerns, Ferguson announced a constituent services policy in June.

"Rod is the epitome of public service," said Ferguson. "He has done incredible things in his community, most recently working to build affordable housing and preserve the community’s historic buildings, among other impactful projects throughout his career. He’s rebuilt his community’s infrastructure and made the area a world renowned destination, all-the-while taking great care of local residents and workers."

Ferguson says Munising is a treasure not just for industry and tourism, but for its local citizenry and the natural wonders available for all Michiganders to explore.

"We need a Democrat for the First District," said DesJardins. "We need someone who will stand up for working families. I believe that Dana Ferguson is that person."

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