WATCH: Upper Peninsula Farmer speaks at DNC

MARQUETTE, Mich. — Michigan corn farmer Andrew Adamski—a graduate and teaching assistant at Northern Michigan University and former resident of Marquette—spoke at the DNC with clean energy activists. They spoke on the dangers of fossil fuels and trumpeted plans to address Climate Change.

Community sustainable AG farmers like Andrew Adamski of Full Circle Community Farm are working every day to change the way we farm and say community.


The corn growers near my parents' farm have a saying: "Knee-high by the 4th of July." These days, you're lucky if the corn is even planted, because of unpredictable and torrential spring rains.

I'm Andrew Adamski. I studied microbial ecology at Northern Michigan University. As farmers can see the effects of Climate Change happening right in front of us, so we've been trying to do our part. We're adopting sustainable solutions on my family's farm, switching to a community model, using less land and reusing our resources to grow our food.

We are eliminating tons of carbon pollution every year by mimicking natural ecosystems. Farmers can be part of the climate solution instead of a problem. Today, we all can grow our own future, but we need our leaders to be part of the solution as well, instead of part of the problem. We need them to commit to the science, not ignore it. We need them to put real plans on the table rather than roll them back.

That's what Joe Biden is doing with this Clean Energy Revolution. Instead of being left behind, we could lead the world again.