'We need a fresher outlook to solve Michigan's problems' –LTE

On Aug. 19, Joan Salisbury-Begeman of Boyne Falls, Mich. shares her opinion about the upcoming election in a Letter to the Editor with the Traverse City Record Eagle.

BOYNE FALLS, Mich. – Have the Marine mottos “Semper Fi” (always faithful) and “no guts, no glory” faded from Congressman Jack Bergman’s memory?

Why didn’t he support Republican Sen. John McCain, tortured in the line of duty, when President Donald Trump mocked McCain with “I only like heroes who DON’T get caught”?

Why didn’t Bergman protest when Trump forced from his administration our most experienced generals and admirals? The Vindmans fired for telling the truth under oath? Jack?

We need a fresher outlook to solve Michigan’s problems. Michigander Dana Ferguson will show courage for us, be “always faithful” to the First District and stand up for us all.

Joan Salisbury-Begeman

Boyne Falls

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