'What does Ferguson's opponent stand for? Who does he actually represent?' –LTE

Michael Marsden of Marquette submits a Letter to the Editor (LTE).

MARQUETTE, Mich. – I am writing to urge my fellow residents of the Upper Peninsula to do a little fact checking before the upcoming Congressional election for Michigan's 1st District.

You can Google Representative Jack Bergman's voting records and find out for yourself if you think he has represented the Upper Peninsula well. I have been following his voting record for years, and in my judgement he does not represent the values and ethos of the U.P.

He is the highest ranking former member of the military ever to have served in Congress, yet he does not speak out when our military personnel and its rules are disrespected. He supports putting a spaceport right on the pristine shoreline of Lake Superior without even asking what those of us who live here what we think about it. He votes against additional funding for the United States Postal Office so our mail delivery can be timely as guarantee in the Constitution.

What does he stand for? Who does he actually represent?

I am voting for Dana Ferguson because he truly is of the U.P. and represents the core values of the U.P. It is time for change – time to put in a Representative in Congress who will represent Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

–Michael Marsen, Marquette