What does "Take it Home" really mean?

NEGAUNEE, Mich. — By now, we hope you know Dana Ferguson's campaign slogan, "#TakeItHome," but what does it really mean? What does it mean to you and your family?

take•it•home | /tāk it hōm/ phrase ► political slogan // 6 definitions for MI01

1) to reestablish home-grown representation to Northern Michigan // i.e. take back MI01 from someone who doesn't know jack about its people

2) to elect a Rep. who understands mainstreet hometown values and real struggles of working families // i.e. someone who was raised here and raised his children here at home

3) to take a general idea and apply it practically // i.e. balancing pragmatism and progressivism for real home-bound solutions for Northern Michiganders

4) to "take it to the House" // a—redefining leadership, b—engaging with a home-based constituency c—showing Congress this district, our issues, and our people are important

5) to get to the heart of the matter, make perfectly clear // i.e. take honest, transparent leadership to the House of Representatives

6) to win // in the Primary Election on Tues. Aug. 4, and in the General Election on Tues. Nov. 5