Rural America is an underappreciated, often overlooked and very underfunded region of our country. This is something I am looking to change. I recognize the importance of our rural communities and the role they will play in our future. We have seen school enrollment free-fall, rural healthcare facilities struggle to remain open, youth leave from lack of opportunity, and small cities and towns crumble. Through all of this we have seen investment in these rural areas fail to meet the criteria needed to stabilize them. Investment in rural communities is not about diverting funds from one area to another. It is about investing in a stable future.

Investing in rural areas will help:

  • stabilize home prices in urban areas

  • increase home prices in rural areas

  • increase tax base for school and municipalities in rural areas

  • reduce overcrowding in urban school districts

  • incentivize small businesses to follow suite and move to these areas

  • slow or stop “brain-drain” from rural areas

  • assist local farmers

  • create “geographic independence” for work force not tied to an area

  • encourage skilled workforce (Dr’s, teachers, entrepreneurs, etc) to move to rural areas

  • decrease the number of people dependent on social “safety net” programs

  • decrease government spending on social programs

  • and much more



Our future needs us to invest in and rebuild rural infrastructure. We are talking about thousands of long-term good paying union jobs in the 1st District and across the country. Rural infrastructure investment puts us on track to combat "brain drain," population decline and the lack of private investment we see in rural areas. To save rural health care, education and culture and create strong stable economies across this country we must begin to invest in rural infrastructure.



Critical access health care facilities are often the last thread a community or county cling to. These facilities have to be properly funded and have access the updated technology so they can provide their community with the services they need. Growth in rural areas will not happen unless these critical health care facilities stay open and functioning.