SOCIAL SECURITY is a critical part of life for so many people. It performs a vital role in retirement and the overall security for a large part of society. There are three areas we must focus on when dealing with Social Security: viability, expansion, and cost of living adjustments.

VIABILITY: To ensure the viability of it we must address the overall problem of income disparity that we see in this country. We have an ever-shrinking middle-class and a rapidly growing group of struggling individuals and families working low-wage jobs. We need to redefine our economy to address these disruptions and destabilizing factors so we can expand the middle-class once again. With an expanded middle-class, social security viability will not be an issue. (see economy).

EXPANSION: People who have worked their entire life for benefits which they rely on to retire should not be told those benefits are going to be cut. We need to increase the maximum income level of contribution so these hard-working people get what they have spent their lives contributing to and working for.

COST OF LIVING ADJUSTMENTS: Adjustments to social security payments need to be calculated and factored into the payments every year. By not accounting for cost of living increases we are essentially cutting the benefits. It is also a major hit to destabilizing the economy. Protections need to be in place to account for cost of living changes.