“Democracy is about voting and it’s about a majority vote. And it’s time that we started exercising the Democratic process.” – U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow

Dana Ferguson supports #VoteByMail and making Election Day a national holiday. He opposes the Electoral College, gerrymandering, polling deserts, disenfranchisement in minority districts, and restrictive voting laws in Indian Country.





Voting is the most important civil responsibility we Americans have and we must work to protect the rights of each, and every voter and this year is even more important. The first thing we must discuss is the safety of each voter, now and into the future, vote by mail affords that safety to all of us. Dana Ferguson supports vote by mail and will work to expand this across the country in conjunction with the United States Postal Service.



The single-greatest threat to our voting integrity is gerrymandering. The distortion of districts to favor one party over another to gain a seat is morally wrong and it distorts a person’s vote value, one way or another. Dana Ferguson will fight to ensure fair districts are enforced across Michigan and the country. We must get back to a point where one vote is one person’s voice and each vote matters equally and Dana Ferguson believes that all votes are equal and in order to encourage more people to get out there and vote, we must work to ensure their voice and vote matters, not just to them, but to the Democratic process.



The electoral college is an antiquated process that was put in place to ensure all votes matter equally, but this process was put in place prior to having the mediums we have now to get a candidate’s message to the masses. Dana Ferguson believes that your voice matters, that having a system in place where the candidate who wins the popular vote is the winner of the election. It’s time we get back to a system where each vote matters equally.



Voting rights are paramount to a person’s civil liberties and civil responsibilities. Any laws that are contrary to that need to be deemed unconstitutional by the courts. Legislation that forces people to have identification that they have never needed before, a lack of polling locations, insufficient election staff, and more all equal voter disenfranchisement. This is something that has went on for centuries in America and it is time that we right these wrongs.



Dana Ferguson believes that we must begin with election day becoming a National Holiday. The next steps must be to ensure each person has the legal right to vote, whether that be in-person, at the polling location, and so forth. 


Dana Ferguson believes that every American should be afforded the equal right to vote, that every precinct should have a proper amount of staff, every community should have a fair and equal amount of precincts, and every person should be able to vote by mail if they so choose. We live in the 21st Century, it’s time we adapt to that.